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Finishing up



Soon, very soon….
We are in the studio finishing up our song «Out loud». Can’t wait!!


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Var så heldig å vinne en Superhero-konkurranse på twitter, og premien var en intimkonsert i studioet til Samsaya.
Der fikk vi blant annet gleden av å høre noen av hennes nye låter, og det var over all forventning! Superinspirerende!!!

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Stylish grandma

It’s getting colder, and the only positive thing about that is that I can use my knitted sweaters. I ❤ knit!

By the way, if you like blogs that are a bit out of the ordinary, you should definetly check this out. Advanced style is a blog about fashionable older men and women. Yeah thats right!! The blog is written by Ari Seth Cohen, who belives you should respect your elders! This is a picture from his blog. Check it out.

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The snack table was filled up for a day of writing and singing in the studio. Good times!

Red leather jacket:, black kimono: Topshop, jeans: Bik Bok.

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Hair; not the musical

My hair is usually very flat, so I love making it bigger. This also makes it so mush easier to get an actual hairdo out of it. Like on theese pictures, where my small 80’s curls makes a simple braid on the top of my head look so much better than when my hair is flat.

Then again my hair has always been straight, so I hate that of course. My experience tells me that if you have curls, you probably don’t share my opinion. But that’s ok.

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Summer was….

Showing of skin, and bathe in the sun.
Running through water pouring from the garden hose, and put flowers in my hair.
Summer rain, standing in a summer dress under the umberella.
Late night party under the stars. Singing, dancing, laughing.

Thats what summer was to me. Good.
Until next time.

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Slow fading summer

Summer is fading out, but this time of year is beautiful with all the colours slowly starting to pop out.  I love that I can start to wear wool,  knitted jackets and big boots, without having to cover it up with a big coat.

I make sure to enjoy theese days.

This was supposed to be a studio day, but things came up for the producer and we had to reschedual.  Instead Nora and I had a coffee date in Sandvika, in the wonderful weather.


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